Fantasy Encyclopedia Updates: E to H


EC COMICS William M. Gaines died in 1992.

EDIFICE Murilo RUBIAO's "The Edifice" (trans in The Ex-Magician and Other Stories coll 1979) is a fictional discourse on the subject.

EDWARDS, LES Blood and Iron (graph 1989) collects LS's work.

EISENSTEIN, PHYLLIS For "Ormeru" read "Ormoru". Cray Ormoru is the son of a WITCH, not a female WIZARD.

EISNER, WILL The Spirit was filmed (1987 tvm).

ELDORADO Bad cross-reference to GOLD.

ELEMENTALS For "and Fire in any aspect which feature heavily in the stories by Algernon BLACKWOOD" read "and Fire in any aspect, many of which feature heavily in stories by Algernon BLACKWOOD".

ELIADE, MIRCEA For "tothe" read "to the".

ELLIOTT, JANICE In line 3, for "fantastic" read "FANTASTIC".

ELLISON, HARLAN "Croatoan" is misleadingly described. Mention should be made of Deathbird Stories: A Pantheon of Modern Gods (coll 1975), HE's single most important fantasy volume. «Ellison Under Glass» was announced not by HE but by Dean Wesley Smith; the project will not be proceeded with by HE. In 1993 HE received the WORLD FANTASY AWARD for Lifetime Achievement. The entry on HE was written on commission by one contributor, and edited separately by at least two separate hands, each of whom made undetermined cuts and changes in the entry. The final version also lacked an xref to the comprehensive entry on HE [by JC] in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. That the end entry lacked balance was not due to the original contributor.

EMSHWILLER, CAROL In line 8, for "fantastic" read "FANTASTIC".

ENDE, MICHAEL It should be noted that in Germany Jim Knopf and Lukas der Lokomotivführer, Jim Knopf und die Wilde Dreizehn and Momo were more successful and regarded as more important than Die unendliche Geschichte, all three winning the Deutscher Jugendbuchpreis.

EPIC FANTASY For "Aeneid (c30-19BC)" read "Aeneid (c19BC)". Fuller ascription: Nikos KAZANTZAKIS's The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel (1938; trans Kimon Friar 1958).

ERICKSON, STEVE In line 6, for "fantastic" read "FANTASTIC".

ERNST, MAX Fuller ascription: Une Semaine de Bonté, ou Les sept éléments capitaux ["A Week of Kindness, or The Seven Deadly Elements"] (graph 1934 in 5 vols; trans Stanley Applebaum as Une Semaine de Bonté: A Surrealistic Novel in Collage 1976 US).

ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN This was released in 1975, not 1974.

EWERS, HANNS HEINZ Fuller ascription: Blood (coll trans Erich Posselt and Sinclair Dombrow 1930 chap US). The Bloody Red Baron was published in 1995, not 1996.

The description of Frank Braun's career is misleading, in that it does not follow internal chronology: the first third of Alraune is followed by the whole of The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which is followed by the remainder of Alraune.

For "Dar Grauen" read "Das Grauen".

EXCALIBUR Gil Kane's dates are (1926-2000).


FABULATION For "Karen Joy FOWLER" and "Katherine DUNN" read "Karen Joy Fowler" and "Katherine Dunn". For "Ed BRYANT" read "Edward BRYANT".

FAERIE The Faerie Queene should be dated 1590-96.

FAIRIES The Faerie Queene should be dated 1590-96.

FAIRY QUEEN The Faerie Queene should be dated 1590-96. In that work the character Belphoebe/Belphebe is distinct from Gloriana/Gloriane. The expression "Arthurian QUEST" is misleading: ARTHUR himself is only a minor character, the main tales being those of the knights.

FAIRYTALE For "Davy and the Goblin (1884)" read "Davy and the Goblin (1884)". The running head on pages 331 and 332 should be FAIRYTALE, not FAIRY BRIDE.

FANTASTIC (term) The reference to the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts should be to INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THE FANTASTIC IN THE ARTS; it is the IAFA which gives the conference, and issues the journal.

FANTASTIC (magazine) Cele Goldsmith died 2002.

FANTASTIC VOYAGES Orlando Furioso should be dated 1516. Utopia should be dated 1516. For "Samuel Jonson" read "Samuel Johnson".

FANTASY For "Eric S. Rabkin" read "Eric S. RABKIN".



FANTASY OF MANNERS Dorothy Dunnett died 2001.

FATES A further relevant title is Insomnia (1994) by Stephen KING, in which the Fates are represented by three bald men.

FAUST Doctor Faustus should be dated c1589.

FEIST, RAYMOND E. The Serpent Wars Saga is set 75-100 years after A Darkness at Sethanon, not before it.

FESSIER, MICHAEL The antagonist in Fully Dressed and in his Right Mind is erroneously referred to as a "midget"; in the text he is described as "a little old man".

FIELD OF DREAMS (1989) In the synopsis, for "pitch" read "field" throughout.

FINDLEY, TIMOTHY The date for "Heart of Darkness" should be 1899.

FLINT, W. RUSSELL This entry should follow that on Kenneth C. FLINT. For "King Solomon's Mines (1905)" read "King Solomon's Mines (1905)".

FLOOD For "The Lost Continent (1900)" read "The Lost Continent (1900)".

FLY, THE In 1., Al Hedison later took the name David Hedison, by which he is better known.

FOLKTALE In line 8, for "moral" read "morality".

FORD, FORD MADOX Mr Apollo: A Just Possible Story (1908) – note full title – is not "marginal". In this fantasy, the god APOLLO returns to the contemporary UK in human form and contests for the soul of a sceptic, who is converted when Apollo destroys some slums that keep the sun from reaching him. The Simple Life Limited was first published in 1911, not 1991.

FORTUNE, DION The Fraternity of the Inner Light was established in 1922, not 1927.

FRANCE Reference should be to the whole of Gargantua and Pantagruel (1532-64). The date for Morte Darthur should be 1485.

FRANKENSTEIN MOVIES Andy Warhol's Frankenstein was initially released in 3-D format.

FRAZER, SIR JAMES Grant ALLEN's The Great Taboo (1890) may be the first fiction to acknowledge the influence of The Golden Bough (1890).

Delete from "Parts of the third edition" to the end of that paragraph, and replace with:

"The third edition appeared as a series of separately issued sections in eight parts: #1 The Magic Art and the Evolution of Kings (1911 2 vols); #2 Taboo and the Perils of the Soul (1911); #3 The Dying God (1911); #4 Adonis Attis Osiris: Studies in the History of Oriental Religion (1906 2 vols; exp 1914); #5 Spirits of the Corn and of the Wild (1912 2 vols); #6 The Scapegoat (1913); #7 Balder the Beautiful: The Fire-Festivals of Europe and the Doctrine of the External Soul (1913 2 vols); #8 Bibliography and General Index (1915)."

FREEMAN, MARY E. WILKINS Collected Ghost Stories (coll 1974) is as by Mary E. Wilkins-Freeman, her name in later life. She is also referred to as Mary E. Wilkins.

FRIESNER, ESTHER M. EMF has published some 100 stories, so the statement that she's "written relatively little short fiction" is inaccurate.

However, EMF has in fact published only one collection. Delete wrong reference to Ecce Hominid in the main text. This work is listed correctly in Other works.

The three novels described here as the New York series do not form a series and should be discussed as singletons.

FRISWELL, HAIN Ghost Stories and Phantom Fancies was published in 1858, not 1958.

FROST, GREG GF's first story of genre interest was "In the Sunken Museum" (1981 The Twilight Zone Magazine).



GAARDER, JOSTEIN Signature should be [JG/JC], not [JC].

GABALDON, DIANA DG's dates should be given as (1952- ).

GAIMAN, NEIL NG's dates should be given as (1960- ).

GALAHAD Dates for Matt Cohen should be given as (1942- ).

GALLICO, PAUL The Man who Was Magic: A Fable of Innocence was published in 1966, not 1967.

GAMES, FANTASY The extremely popular game Myst (1993) should be mentioned here.

GARDNER, JOHN Fuller ascription: Gudgekin the Thistle Girl and Other Tales (coll 1976 chap). The stories in this collection are REVISIONIST FANTASY. For "meaningless" read "meaninglessness".

GARFIELD, LEON Died 1996, not 1966.

GARNER, ALAN A further relevant title is Strandloper (1996), an associational novel published while this book was in proof. Various necessary (and obvious) amendments were made to the proof version of this entry, but these failed to be instated.

GENDER The entry on Gwyneth JONES appears in the Addenda, not the main text.

GENTLE, MARY The ALTERNATE WORLD of The Architecture of Desire corresponds not to Elizabethan England but to Civil War England.

GEOFFREY OF MONMOUTH The Faerie Queene should be dated 1590-96. It is a repetition of a popular myth to assert that Edmund SPENSER "essentially plagiarized" GoM for The Faerie Queene.

GERMANY In the discussion of Michael ENDE, for "Jim Knopt" read "Jim Knopf". For "GOTHIC FANTASY's" read "GOTHIC FANTASY".

GARFIELD, LEON LG died in 1996, not 1966. A further title of relevance is The Restless Ghost: Three Stories (coll 1969 US). Also of interest are LG's SHAKESPEARE retellings: Shakespeare Stories (coll 1985) and Shakespeare Stories II (coll 1994), both illustrated by Michael FOREMAN.

GARRETT, RANDALL RG's first published story was "The Absence of Heat" (1944) as by Gordon Garrett.

GAWSWORTH, JOHN Fuller ascription: Above the River (1931 chap).

GHOST AND MRS MUIR, THE (1947) This movie later inspired a tv series, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1968-70), starring Edward Mulhare and Hope Lange.

GHOSTBUSTERS For "Maris" read "Ramis".

GHOST STORIES Paul F. Olson was born 1959; the subtitle of his anthology Post Mortem should be New Tales of Ghostly Horror. [The entry on Shirley JACKSON appears in the Addenda, not the main text.] A.L. Barker died 2002. Richard Cowper died 2002.

GHOST STORIES FOR CHILDREN R.L. Stine has not contributed to the Point Horror series.

GIANTS In Further reading the text cited as Giants should correctly be ascribed as follows: Giants (graph 1979) by Sarah Teale, graphics devised David Larkin. RABELAIS's Gargantua and Pantagruel should be dated (1532-64).

GILGAMESH >>>> MESOPOTAMIAN EPIC. The account omits what to most modern commentators is the epic's most significant event: Gilgamesh goes to Heaven to request IMMORTALITY from the one human who was granted that wish, and he explains that his immortality was a one-time-only gift from the gods because of his contributions during a universal FLOOD. The story of Noah in the Bible is generally accepted to derive from this account.

GILLIAM, TERRY The ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN was released in 1989, not 1988.

GILLILAND, ALEXIS A. The Waltzing Wizard was published in 1989, not 1990.

GOBLE, WARWICK F. Provand Webster should be J. Provand Webster.

GODGAME For "almost certain that any novel which featuring a character" read "almost certain that any novel which features a character".

GODS Hades (Pluto) should not be regarded as a lesser god.

GODZILLA MOVIES Godzilla 1985 has the vt Godzilla 1984. Further titles are Godzilla vs. Biollante (l989), Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (l991), Godzilla vs. Queen Mothra (l992), Godzilla vs. Mecha Godzilla (1993), Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla (l994), and Godzilla vs. Destroyer (l995), plus, of course, the hugely successful Godzilla (1998). Add to Further reading Giant Monster Movies: An Illustrated Survey (1994) by Robert Marrero.

GOG AND MAGOG The Faerie Queene should be dated 1590-96.

GOGOL, NIKOLAI For "blix" read "bliz".

GOLDSTEIN, LISA For "Travelers in Magic" read "Travellers in Magic".

GOLEM, THE Mention should also be made of It (1967).

GOREY, EDWARD Died 2000.

GOTHIC FANTASY It is overstating matters to say that "all Gothic fiction is tragedy".

GRANT, CHARLES L. CLG did not edit Night Visions 4. For "F+SF" read "F&SF".

GRAPHIC NOVEL Also of relevance is Jules Feiffer's Tantrum (graph 1979).

The following entry was omitted from the first printing:

GRAY, ALASDAIR (JAMES) (1934- ) Scots author, artist and playwright whose fiction repeatedly engages with the modern MATTER of Scotland and crosses genre boundaries without ostentation or embarrassment. His books are distinctively illustrated and designed – including cover art and typography – by AG himself, with the design itself sometimes integral to the machinery of STORY.

His long debut novel, Lanark: A Life in Four Books (1981), interleaves the life of its Glaswegian protagonist Duncan Thaw (containing fictionalized autobiographical elements) with a posthumous progress under his TRUE NAME Lanark through the AFTERLIFE realm of Unthank, a version of HELL. In this darkly distorted MIRROR image of the CITY of Glasgow, psychological defects – or flaws in the SOUL – appear as physical afflictions with a symbolic force recalling Hieronymus BOSCH. Schizophrenic withdrawal, for example, becomes a retreat into the literal armour of DRAGON shape (>> METAMORPHOSIS). Different regions of this afterlife world run on different clocks and are separated by "intercalendrical zones" booby-trapped with TIME-IN-FAERIE pitfalls. Fantastic and intractably mundane elements are effectively mingled throughout: a dull-seeming bureaucracy, whose unhelpfulness lies halfway between reality and Franz KAFKA, proves to be processing disease-transformed people into food (to the sinister refrain "Man is the pie that bakes and eats himself") and into strange, monstrous munitions which are transported along familiar motorways. Lanark teems with energy and has an epic power.

Unlikely Stories, Mostly (coll 1983) contains some notable FABULATIONS and a RECURSIVE-FANTASY errata slip: "ERRATUM. This slip has been inserted by mistake." In the two "Axletree" stories the hubristic building of a BABEL-like EDIFICE to pierce the sky results in a vast FLOOD of natural rather than divine origin. Also included are The Comedy of the White Dog (1970 Glasgow University Magazine; 1979 chap), a darkly comic fable of SEX, bestiality and TRANSFORMATION, and Five Letters from an Eastern Empire (1979 Words Magazine; 1995 chap), a surreal political nightmare in which Oriental officials command atrocities without accountability, since the orders notionally come from an emperor who is a literal PUPPET.

The first half of 1982, Janine (1984) develops into a tour de force of typographic excess as the thoughts and often very funny sexual fantasies of the whisky-sodden narrator – in process of committing suicide via overdose – are shown fragmenting into complex, compulsive patterns on the page. In margins and corners a tiny voice intrudes, eventually arguing him back from the brink: it is GOD, or perhaps the narrator's conception of God. The book begins anew as his sober autobiography. Poor Things: Episodes from the Early Life of Archibald McCandless M.D. Scottish Public Health Offices (1992; rev 1993) cheerfully inverts the FRANKENSTEIN theme by presenting a naturally monstrous but good-hearted student of anatomy who (although parts of the text and framing material metafictionally argue with this interpretation) reanimates a young female suicide with the brain of her own unborn child; there are also sly allusions to PYGMALION. Having bypassed the toils of childhood and puberty, the attractive "creation"" views the Victorian world with devastating, Candide-like innocence; is sexually uninhibited (carried off by a stereotypically wicked philanderer, she hilariously exhausts him with her physical demands); and becomes a pioneer of FEMINISM. A History Maker (1994; rev 1995) promises a rousing tale of primitively fought war games on the Scottish borders in the 23rd century, but mercilessly satirizes its male HERO figure, demonstrates that women actually run this quasi-UTOPIA, and playfully conceals the true significance of the story in a seemingly skippable "Notes & Glossary"". The author is fond of inserting such recursive commentaries, endnotes and critical analyses, not always reliable.

AG tells stories of great imaginative power in deceptively plain prose, underpinned by a political commitment to Scottish nationalism, with frequently expressed anger at the THINNING wreaked upon his LAND and Glasgow by both local and English politicians. [DRL]

Other works: The Fall of Kelvin Walker: A Fable of the Sixties (1985), Lean Tales (anth 1985) with stories by James Kelman and Agnes Owens, Old Negatives: Four Verse Sequences (1989), and Something Leather (1990), all associational; McGrotty and Ludmilla, or The Harbinger Report (1975 as BBC radio play; 1990), borderline-sf SATIRE; Ten Tales Tall and True (coll 1993).

About the author: Saltire Self Portrait No. 4 (1988 chap), autobiographical.


GREAT AND SMALL RABELAIS's Gargantua and Pantagruel should be dated (1532-64).

GREEK AND LATIN CLASSICS A sentence was omitted after "most distinctive works of fantasy in Classical literature." It reads: "(This argument derives from G.W. Bowersock's study of the relevant works, Fiction as History [1994].)" Argonautica was translated before 1990, certainly in 1959 (by E.V. Rieu) and almost certainly before that.

GREEN, TERENCE M. A better ascription for "Ashland, Kentucky" is as follows: Shadow of Ashland (1985 IASFM as "Ashland, Kentucky"; exp 1996).

GREENBERG, MARTIN H. Debra DOYLE did not coedit Werewolves with MHG and Jane YOLEN.

GREENLAND, COLIN For "Eric S. Rabkin" read "Eric S. RABKIN".

GREMLINS (movie entry) Tobe Hooper, not Steven SPIELBERG, directed POLTERGEIST (1982). For "duplicates his role" read "duplicates a role".

The following entry was omitted from the first printing:

GRIN, ALEXANDER Working name of Russian writer Alexander Grinevski (1880-1932). The first and last Soviet Romantic, AG created in his books a new, wonderful world populated by wonderful people. He wrote mainstream fiction, adventure novels, mysteries – The Scarlet Sails (1922) – and fantasy. In Running on Waves (1924) the hero meets a very mysterious woman who will save his life more than once and who, as it turns out, is a real woman and a GHOST at the same time. The Shining World (1923) could be labelled fantasy, as could most of his short stories. Some of AG's books were made into movies that were quite popular for some time. [CMK]

See also: RUSSIA (entry in Addenda).

GROUNDHOG DAY Phil is a weatherman, not a newscaster. The groundhog predicts not the weather but, more precisely, whether or not the winter will continue another 6 weeks (i.e., until 21 March). Phil robs not "banks" but an armored truck.

GUNNARSSON, THORARINN Of interest also is Dragon's Domain (1993), a fantasy novel set in 1880s Norway.


HALFLINGS For "no-crossbred" read "non-crossbred".

HALAM, ANN >> Gwyneth JONES in the Addenda.

HALIDOM, M.Y. The date for Tales of the Wonder Club should be given as 1899-1900, not 1899-90.

HANNA-BARBERA For "Speedy Buggy" read "Speed Buggy". For "Robinic" read "Robonic". There is no connection between Shazzan! and CAPTAIN MARVEL.

HARRIS, JOEL CHANDLER Song of the South was released in 1946, not 1947.

HAUFF, WILHELM For "Arabian Nights" read "ARABIAN NIGHTS".

HAUNTED DWELLINGS The Legend of Hell House did not "reprise" The Haunting; rather, it imitated it.

HAVILAND, VIRGINIA "UK writer" should read "US authority on children's literature (> CHILDREN'S FANTASY) and compiler of many collections of international FAIRYTALES".

HEAVEN Nirvana is not an analogue of Heaven.

HEAVEN CAN WAIT (1943) For "Superbowl" read "Super Bowl".

HEINLEIN, ROBERT A. For "'All You Zombies'" read "–All You Zombies–".

HERE COMES MR JORDAN (1941) Down to Earth was remade as Xanadu (1980) starring Gene Kelly and Olivia Newton-John.

HILDEBRANDT BROTHERS Final T omitted from headword.

HOBAN, RUSSELL For "Lavinia Rat" read "Lavinia Bat".

HOFFMAN, NINA KIRIKI This entry should come before that for E.T.A. HOFFMANN, not after. For "The Unmasking" read "Unmasking".

HOFFMANN, E.T.A. The fourth volume of Fantasy Pieces in the Style of Callot was published in 1815, so the main date should be 1814-15. The Serapion Brothers should be dated 1819-21, not 1819-22. The publication date for Tristram Shandy should more accurately be given as 1759-67.

"Nussknacker unde Mausekönig" contains a classical mouse king (>> MICE AND RATS), with several heads and intertwined tails.

HOMUNCULUS The Bride of Frankenstein was released in 1935, not 1936.

HOTEL Also relevant is Kate Wilhelm's Cambio Bay (1990).

HOUSMAN, LAURENCE In the subtitle of All-Fellows, Redemptions should be Redemption. Omitted from the listing of his works are Turn Again Tales (coll 1930) and all but one (Cotton-Woolleena, 1930 chap) of the previously published booklets which make up part of its contents: The Open Door (1925 chap), A Thing to be Explained (1926 chap), "Wish to Goodness!" (1927 chap), Ethelrinda's Fairy (1928 chap dos), The Boiled Owl (1930 chap), Busybody Land (1930 chap), A Gander and his Geese (1930 chap) and Little-And-Good (1930 chap). Puss-in-Boots (1926 chap) is not gathered in the collection.

HOWARD, ROBERT E. The three Conan ties by Andrew J. OFFUTT should also be listed. In Other works, delete second listing of The Incredible Adventures of Dennis Dorgan.

HOWE, JAMES Deborah Howe lived 1946-1978.

HUGHES, TED Died 1998. Crow (coll 1970; exp 1972) should be cross-referred to the notes on TRICKSTER in the Addenda.

HUMOUR RABELAIS's Gargantua and Pantagruel should be dated (1532-64). The first book publication of Three Hearts and Three Lions was in 1961, not 1953.

HUNT, GILL GH was not a pseudonym but a house-name used by other writers besides John BRUNNER.