Fantasy Encyclopedia Updates: C to D


CABINET OF DR CALIGARI, THE (1919) A further loose remake was Dr Caligari (1990).

CALENDAR It should be noted that the pagan feasts are tied to the solstices and equinoxes more firmly than, because of calendar drift, is today immediately obvious.

CALVINO, ITALO Cosmicomics was originally published in Italian is 1965, not 1963.

IC's Italian folktale collection was previously translated. The reference should therefore read: "Fiabe Italiane (coll 1956; trans Louis Brigante as Italian Fables 1959 US; new trans George Martin as Italian Fables 1980 US)". The 1980 translation is very much longer than the 1959: we have not been able to confirm if this is because the 1959 translation was cut or if the later translation is of an expanded Italian edition.


CANADA For "Charles Saunders" read "Charles R. SAUNDERS". The JLT credited for the second section of this entry, on French-Canadian fantasy, is Jean-Louis Trudel – embarrassingly omitted from the original Contributors list.

CANDYMAN Clive BARKER did not contribute to the screenplay of Candyman 2, although it was based on his story "The Midnight Meat Train".

CANTERVILLE GHOST, THE For "Star Trek – The New Generation" read "Star Trek – The Next Generation".

CARDS Pushkin's "The Queen of Spades" has been filmed six times, in 1916, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1960 and 1982 (tvm).

CARROLL, LEWIS Through the Looking-Glass should be ascribed: (dated 1872 but 1871).

Rhyme? and Reason? contains original material in addition to the collections mentioned.

CARTER, ANGELA For "Comic and Curious Cats (1979)" read "Martin Leman's Comic and Curious Cats (1979 chap)". The correct ascription of The Sadeian Woman is: The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography (1978 US; vt The Sadeian Woman: An Exercise in Cultural History 1979 UK). The Magic Toyshop was filmed in 1987.

CAVE, HUGH B. For Murgunstruum and Others read Murgunstrumm and Others.

CEREBUS THE AARDVARK Dave Sim is Canadian. In the character list, for "Jaka the Cockroach" read "Jaka, The Cockroach" (two separate characters). Gerhard (1959- ) should be credited as co-creator on Church & State II and all subsequent collections.

CHAPMAN, VERA "The Notorious Abbess" was not published in 1993; it bears a copyright date of 1993, claims on the copyright page to have been published in 1997, and was in fact published in 1998. VC's last novel was published posthumously: The Enchantresses (1998).

CHESS Through the Looking-Glass was published in 1871, not 1872.

CHETWYND-HAYES, R. Died 2001. The Monster Club (coll 1976) collects CLUB STORIES.

CHILDREN OF THE CORN Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice has the vt (which may be the ot) Children of the Corn II: Deadly Harvest.

CHILDREN'S FANTASY The ascription of Peter Pan should be: Peter Pan (performed 1904; rev 1928).

CHIVALRY For "Amadis de Gaul" read "Amadis de Gaule". >> AMADÍS DE GAULA in the Addenda.

CHRISTINE (1983) For "Jenkins" read "Junkins". For "Pr Richard Kobritz" read "Pr Larry Franco, Richard Kobritz".

CHRISTMAS For "BEHEADING MATCH" read "Beheading Match".

CHRISTMAS BOOKS Further relevant titles include: Philip Van Doren Stern's The Greatest Gift: A Christmas Tale (1943 chap), which is the source of Frank Capra's IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (1946); Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen's The Sky Bed: A Norwegian Christmas (1944 chap); and Paul Theroux's A Christmas Card (1978 chap UK) and London Snow: A Christmas Story (1979 chap UK).

CINDERELLA Entry should include reference to Padraic Colum's The Girl Who Sat by the Ashes (1919) illus Dugald Stewart Walker, which is a TWICE-TOLD tale.

CINDERELLA (1950) C'era una Volta has the further vt More Than a Miracle.

CINEMA Both House and Born of Fire were released in 1986, not 1976. For "The Mouse and His Child" read "The Extraordinary Adventures of the Mouse and His Child". In See also, delete cross-reference to SHAKESPEAREAN FANTASY IN THE MOVIES.

CLARKE, A.V. Died 1998.

CLAYTON, JO Died 1998.

CLUB STORY Further relevant titles include Arthur Greening's The Better Yarn: Being Some Chronicles of the Merrythought Club (coll 1919) and R. CHETWYND-HAYES's The Monster Club (coll 1976).

COLD IRON Three Hearts and Three Lions first appeared in book form in 1961, not 1953.

COLERIDGE, SARA The Faerie Queene should be dated 1590-96.

COLLINS, WILKIE First published story was "The Last Stage Coachman" (1843), and is described as a TRAIN allegory.

COMICS John Buscema died 2002. For "Reptilius" read "Reptilicus".

CONAN Original magazine title of Conan the Conqueror is not "The Hour of the Wolf" but "The Hour of the Dragon". John Buscema died 2002. In Further reading "Conan" has twice been rendered as "Common". There have been two (reportedly dire) animated tv series based on the character: Conan the Adventurer (1992) and Conan and the Young Warriors (1995).

COOK, GLEN For "The Swap" read "The Swap Academy".

CORELLI, MARIE The Sorrows of Satan was filmed in 1925 and The Young Diana in 1922.

CORMAN, ROGER RC is not involved in Full Moon Productions. Mention should be made, however, of RC's Concorde production company, founded in the 1990s. For "The Day the World Ended" read "Day the World Ended". The full vt of The Viking Women and the Sea Serpent is The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent. The Last Woman on Earth was released in 1960, not 1958. The Masque of Red Death is not a Full Moon production, although it is an RC movie; The Pit and the Pendulum is a Full Moon production but RC was not involved with it. For "Night of the Blood Beat" read "Night of the Blood Beast". RC was not involved as producer in either God Told Me So or The Bees.

COUNSELMAN, MARY ELIZABETH Half in Shadow appeared twice, the contents differing very substantially: Half in Shadow: A Collection of Tales for the Night Hours (coll 1964 UK) and Half in Shadow (coll 1978).

COVEN 13/WITCHCRAFT & SORCERY Emil Petaja's dates are (1915-2000).

CRACE, JIM (pp. 231-2): bad cross-reference to Tappan WRIGHT (>> SFE).

CRAVEN, WES The Nightmare on Elm Street series has spawned more than one book.

CROSSHATCH For "The War for the Oaks" read "War for the Oaks".

CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE For "Gunther F. Fritsch" read "Gunther P. Fritsch".


DAHL, ROALD In 1961 RD hosted a tv series called Way Out that was seemingly modelled on The TWILIGHT ZONE.

DANN, JACK JD has been in Australia since 1993. Further books coedited with Dozois are Dinosaurs! (anth 1990), Unicorns II (anth 1992), Dragons! (anth 1993) and Dinosaurs II (anth 1995).

DANTE ALIGHIERI In the initial ascription, for "La Divina Commedia (ot Commedia; composed 1307-21; 1472)" read "Commedia (begun c1300, mostly written 1313-21; 1472; vt La Divina Commedia 1555; Book 1 trans Charles Rogers as The Inferno 1782; new trans H.F. Cary 1805-6; the whole trans Cary as The Vision, or Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise 1814; many modern trans as The Divine Comedy)".

DARK CRYSTAL, THE For World of the Dark Crystal, read The World of the Dark Crystal. J.J. Llewelyn should be J.J. Llewellyn.

DARK SHADOWS In the credits to the first series, delete the first (and misspelt) reference to David "Hennesy". Two movies were derived from this series: House of Dark Shadows (1970; >> Marilyn ROSS; VAMPIRE MOVIES) and Night of Dark Shadows (1971).

DATLOW, ELLEN Blood is Not Enough (anth 1989) and A Whisper of Blood (anth 1991) are not erotic. For "Ruby Slipper and Golden Tears" read "Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears".

DAVIDSON, AVRAM Early publications were in Jewish, not Yiddish, magazines and were written in English, not Yiddish; the magazines included a national one, Commentary. Clash of Star Kings is about Toltec not Mayan gods. For "Adventures in Unhistory (1993)" read "Adventures in Unhistory (coll 1993)". A novella-length version of The Phoenix and the Mirror had previously appeared in FANTASTIC magazine (May 1966).

The Avram Davidson Award will not be given annually. There will be an initial award, and subsequent awards when deemed fitting.

DAWN OF THE DEAD Cross-reference should be to ZOMBIE MOVIES, not ZOMBIES.

DC COMICS For "Gardner Fox" read "Gardner FOX". Adam Strange, not mentioned here, was one of Fox's major contributions to the genre.

The last sentence on page 253 is confusing. The point of Crisis on Infinite Earths was to attempt to fuse the various ALTERNATE WORLDS which DC had been using up until then.

DEAN, PAMELA For "Dyer-Bennett" read "Dyer-Bennet". For "The Hidden Lands" read "The Hidden Land".

DE CAMP, L. SPRAGUE Died 2000. For "The Wall of Serpents" read "Wall of Serpents". The Faerie Queene should be dated 1590-96. Catherine Crook de Camp's dates are (1907-2000).

DEFOE, DANIEL For "regarded as the first true English novel" read "sometimes regarded as the first true English novel".

DE LA MARE, WALTER As we state on page 260, WDLM's bibliography is tangled; most of his stories, for instance, seem to have undergone revision (sometimes more than once) in moving from magazine to subsequent book publications. We do not normally attempt to unravel these complications, but the first volume of WDLM's complete short stories, Walter de la Mare: Short Stories 1895-1926 (coll 1996) ed Giles de la Mare provides detailed information. We state that he wrote about 100 short stories. Giles de la Mare lists 102: 95 published stories plus 7 previously unpublished stories due to appear in a following volume. We can now provide fuller ascriptions for stories mentioned specifically in the entry: "The Village of Old Age" (1896 Cornhill Magazine); "The Moon's Miracle" (1897 Cornhill Magazine); "The Creatures" (1920 Monthly Review); "A Recluse" (in The Ghost Book, anth 1926, ed Cynthia ASQUITH); "Crewe" (1929 London Mercury); "The Green Room" (in Two Tales, coll 1925 chap); "The House" (1932 The Observer); "The Three Sleeping Boys of Warwickshire" (1925 Virginia Quarterly). The ascriptions for the following require no revision: "Kismet", "Seaton's Aunt", "All Hallows", "A Revenant", "The Lovely Myfanwy", "Alice's Grandmother", "The Lord Fish" and "Dick and the Beanstalk".

DE LINT, CHARLES For "The Little People" read "The Little Country". For "Merlin Dreams in the Moondream Wood" read "Merlin Dreams in the Mondream Wood".

DEMONS Also of relevance is Esther FRIESNER's Demons trilogy.

DETECTIVE/THRILLER FANTASY "Dawn" was probably ghosted for Leslie Charteris by Cleve Cartmill (> SFE), rather than Theodore Sturgeon.

DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER, THE (1941) For "William Dieterle" read "William DIETERLE".

DEVIL RIDES OUT, THE (1968) For "Mocato" read "Mocata".

DICKENS, CHARLES At foot of left-hand column on page 269, for "helped shaped" read "helped shape". Of relevance to the section on CHRISTMAS BOOKS is The Lives and Times of Ebenezer Scrooge (1990) by Paul Davis, which investigates a full range of adaptations and related works up to the end of the 1980s.

DICKSON, GORDON R. Died 2001. GRD was uncredited as the editor of those works listed under As editor.

DISCH, THOMAS M. The Brave Little Toaster was first published in the August 1980 of F&SF. The characters do not set out to save their master from danger; not having been visited by him for a long while, they set out to find him.

DISNEY In the second column on page 274, it is incorrect to refer to a tv series called Frontierland: "Frontierland" was a strand of the tv series Disneyland. On page 275, for "Kapra's" read "Capra's". On page 277, Pocahontas went on general release in 1995, not 1994. On that same page, for "The Muppet Christmas Carol" read "The Muppet Christmas Carol". Both The LITTLE MERMAID and ALADDIN have spawned animated tv series, from 1992 and 1993 respectively.

DOCTOROW, E.L. The giant creatures in Big as Life do not appear on the streets of New York. Ragtime was filmed in 1981.

DR STRANGE A tvm based on version 2 was aired in 1978.

DOLLS Further titles of relevance are Rachel FIELD's Hitty, Her First Hundred Years (1929) and Jane Louise Curry's Mindy's Mysterious Miniature (1970).

DON JUAN George Bernard Shaw should appear as George Bernard SHAW. Shaw's Man and Superman should be dated not 1905 but 1903; in the discussion of this work, for "has Juan is" read "Juan is". Don Juan in Hell (1951 US) presents the relevant act from the full play.

DOUGLAS, CAROLE NELSON There are two initial titles in the Midnight Louie sequence, as parts of these books are narrated by Louie: Crystal Days (1990) and Crystal Nights (1990).

DRACULA MOVIES William Marshall played the eponym of Blacula (who is African rather than Caribbean), in which movie Dracula himself (played by Charles Macauly) also appeared. Blacula was not a commercial disaster: it was promptly sequelled by Scream, Blacula, Scream (1972). In The Brides of Dracula the actress Yvonne Monlaur played the character Marianne Danielle, not the other way round. Mama Dracula was made in 1980, not 1988.

DRAGONS The reference in the second paragraph to The Lord of the Rings should be to The Hobbit (1937).

DREADSTONE, CARL More precisely, CD is a house name used for three titles by Ramsey CAMPBELL.

DREAMS Through the Looking-Glass was published in 1871, not 1872. It should be noted that Ann RADCLIFFE was in the habit of eating indigestible foods at night in order to induce nightmares she might harvest for her novels.

DREW, WAYLAND Died 1998.

DREYER, CARL TH(EODOR) There is evidence that Vampyr may have been released in early 1930 or 1931, not 1932.

DUCKTALES: THE MOVIE House style obscures the title's proper capitalization: DuckTales. The Genie in this movie has the classic yearning to become a REAL BOY.

DUMAS, ALEXANDRE Full ascription: Le Meneur de Loups (1857; trans Alfred Allinson as The Wolf-Leader 1904 UK; cut trans L Sprague DE CAMP vt The Wolf Leader 1950 US).

DUMBO In line 3 of the entry insert "date unknown" in the empty parenthesis.

DUNCAN, DAVE Of relevance are also The Cursed (1995) and, as by Ken Hood, the Years of Longdirk series begun with Demon Sword (1995).


DUOS The reference to "Dick and Myrna" in Hammett's The Thin Man should be to "Nick and Nora".

DZIEMIANOWICZ, STEFAN The Core of Ramsey Campbell was with S.T. Joshi and Campbell; not with Martin H. Greenberg.