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ABDULLAH, ACHMED A pseudonym not a working name, for Alexander Nikolayevich Romanoff.

ABE, KOBO We fail to mention his surreal, Kafkaesque, vaguely sf-sh fantastication, Mikkai (1977; trans Juliet Winters Carpenter as Secret Rendezvous 1979 US), set in a vast EDIFICE-like underground hospital so complex patients must hire agents to cope with its demands. The Face of Another was filmed in 1966.

ABBEY, LYNN Phule's Company is in fact by Robert ASPRIN.

ADAMS, NEAL For "Denny O'Niell" read "Denny O'Neil".

ADAMS, RICHARD For "parnormal" read "paranormal". For "extradinary" read "extraordinary". The Plague Dogs was filmed in 1981 and The Girl in a Swing in 1989.

ADELER, MAX Other works: The Great Natural Healer (1902 Saturday Evening Post; 1910 chap).

ADDAMS FAMILY, THE A third US Addams Family tv series (animated; vt The New Addams Family) was aired in 1992, in the wake of the success of The ADDAMS FAMILY (1991).

ADVENTURES OF LOIS AND CLARK, THE For "Lois and Clark: The Adventures of Superman" read "Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman".

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, THE The series began in 1953, not 1951.

ADVENTURES OF WONDER WOMAN, THE For "Allan Brennert" read "Alan Brennert". Delete the last sentence of the entry and replace with: "When the new version appeared, the comic book character, previously shifted back to the past to parallel the series, was returned to the present."

AGON Huizinga's Homo Ludens was rev 1940.

AIKEN, JOAN The Haunting of Lamb House is better described as describing the responses of various of its residents – E.F.BENSON and Henry JAMES, both of whom lived there in reality – to the house's nature as a focus for ghostly doings. The Winter Sleepwalker should be The Winter Sleepwalker and Other Stories (coll 1994 chap) illus Quentin BLAKE. Past Eight O'Clock should bePast Eight O'Clock: Goodnight Stories (coll of linked stories 1986). Fog Hounds, Wind Cat, Sea Mice is so titled – note singular Cat – and is (coll 1984 chap). The Kitchen Warriors (coll of linked stories 1983 chap) illus Jo Worth is not part of the Arabel and Mortimer sequence.

AKUTAGAWA, RYUNOSUKE Should also list Hell Screen (coll trans W.H.H. Norman 1948 Japan) and Japanese Short Stories (coll trans Takashi Kojima 1961 US). For "Akira KUROSAWA" read "Akira Kurosawa".

ALADDIN (1992) The DISNEY animated tv series spun off from this movie started to air in 1996.

ALCALA, ALFREDO P. John Buscema died 2002.

ALDISS, BRIAN Margaret Aldiss, BA's wife of many years and also his bibliographer, died in 1997.

ALDRIDGE, ALAN The Gnole was written with Steve BOYETT; the illustrations were done by AA with Maxine Miller and Harry Willock. As much of it is set in Manhattan, The Gnole is also a NEW YORK fantasy.

ALEXANDER, LLOYD Further titles (for younger readers) are Time Cat (1963), The Cat who Wished to be a Man (1973) and The Wizard in the Tree (1975). A new title of interest is The Iron Ring (1997).

ALLEGORY The Faerie Queene should be dated 1590-96.

ALLEN, GRANT The full title of The British Barbarians is The British Barbarians: A Hill-Top Novel. The Great Taboo (1890) specifically acknowledges the influence of Sir James FRAZER's The Golden Bough (1890), and is therefore almost certainly the first fiction explicitly to respond to the book.

ALLENDE, ISABEL The House of the Spirits was filmed in 1994.

The following entry was omitted from the first printing:

AMADÍS DE GAULA A long and complex ROMANCE of CHIVALRY, begun in the late 15th or early 16th century by the Spanish writer Garc¡a Ordez de Montalvo. Its bibliography is intractably complicated: the original Spanish title was Amadís de Gaula; the title of the first French edition was Amadis de Gaule, and this still commonly appears; an occasional anglicized version of the title is Amadis of Gaul. In the end, the whole is perhaps more like a CYCLE than a ROMANCE as such, however complexly intertwined might be the extremely numerous tales which are included.

The most important single author involved is Montalvo, who seems to have adapted the first three books from traditional material, and to have composed volumes four and five himself as original continuations. There are many further volumes in Spanish as well as in Italian, French and German, with various additions and deletions. Continuations by other authors, including de Herberay in France and Mambrino Roseo in Italy, were numerous. The compound work could be ascribed as follows: Amadís de Gaula (first 3 vols from traditional sources 1508, plus vol 4 1508 and vol 5 1510, all by García Ordez de Montalvo; vol 6 1510 by Pez de Ribera; vol 7 1514 by Feliciano de Silva; vol 8 1526 by Juan Daz; vol 9 1530, vol 10 1532 and vol 11 1535-51, all by Feliciano de Silva; vol 12 1546 supposedly by Pedro de Lujn; French trans with new material by Nicholas de Herberay as Amadis de Gaule 1540-54; excerpts trans Thomas Paynell [c1528-1568] as The Treasurie of Amadis of Fraunce 1568; first 4 vols trans from de Herberay by Anthony Munday [1553-1633], as The Ancient, Famous and Honourable History of Amadis de Gaule 1589, 1592 and 1619; cut trans of first 4 vols, Robert SOUTHEY, as Amadis of Gaul 1803). [JC]

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, THE The series started to air in 1977, not 1978. Three movies (not tvms) were derived from it: Spider-Man (1977), pilot; Spiderman Strikes Back (1978), re-edited from the two-parter The Deadly Dust; and Spiderman and the Dragon's Challenge (1981), re-edited from the two-parter The Dragon's Challenge.

AMAZONS Delete the supernumerary "as" from "writing as as Chickering Carter".

AMNESIA For "Sevagram" read "sevagram".

ANACHRONISM Samuel Beckett should appear as Samuel BECKETT.

ANDERSEN, HANS CHRISTIAN For "Improvisatoren ["The Improvisator"] (1835)" read: "Improvisatoren (1835; trans Mary Howitt as The Improvisatore, or Life in Italy 1845 UK)".


ANDREWS, VIRGINIA Flowers in the Attic was filmed in 1987.

ANSTEY, F. The stage version of Vice Versâ was Vice Versa: A Farcical Fantastic Play in Three Acts (1910). The Brass Bottle was filmed as The Brass Bottle (1964) starring Tony Randall and Burl Ives.

ANTHOLOGIES For "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1888)" read "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886)". Silvina Ocampo's dates are (1903-1993).

ANTHONY, PIERS For "Since about 1970" read "Since the mid-1970s".

APOLLINAIRE The translation cited here of Les Onze Mille Verges is bowdlerized, and may be dated 1976 rather than 1979.

ARKHAM HOUSE James Turner died 1999.

ARENAS, REINALDO The original publication of Hallucinations . . . was in Mexico in 1966 as El mundo alucinante. In the subtitle, for "Servado" read "Servando". The translator's surname is Brotherston.

ARIOSTO, LUDOVICO The first English translation of Orlando Furioso can be more fully ascribed as: trans Sir John Harington (1560-1612) as Orlando Furioso in English Heroical Verse (1591).

ARKHAM HOUSE August DERLETH did not buy Donald WANDREI out in 1943.

Technically, Robert BLOCH's first book was Sea-Kissed (coll 1945 chap), not The Opener of the Way (coll 1945); Sea-Kissed is, however, little more than a pamphlet.

ARTHUR Bad cross-reference to BEHEADING MATCH. See instead GAWAIN.

ARTHUR, ROBERT (ANDREW) RA's middle name is thus, not Jay. Davy Jones's Haunted Locker should be Davy Jones' Haunted Locker. Only two Murchison Morks stories were collected in Ghosts and More Ghosts.

ASIMOV, ISAAC Died 1992.

ASIMOV'S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE Monthly from January 1996. McCarthy stopped editing mid-December 1985. Dozois took over from January 1986, not March 1986. For "Unicorn Variations" read "Unicorn Variation".

ASQUITH, CYNTHIA Various children's books, include Everything Easy (coll 1926) and The Cynthia Asquith Book (anth 1948), the latter being largely associational, although it includes work by authors like Eleanor FARJEON and some late poems by Geoffrey DEARMER.

ASTERIX For "David Hockridge" read "Derek Hockridge".

ASTERIX MOVIES Further titles are Asterix versus Caesar (1985) and Asterix Conquers America (1994).

ATAVISM For "Chayevsky" read "Chayefsky".

ATLANTIS To the comments on G. Stanley Hall's "The Fall of Atlantis" might be added: "Hall's 'The Fall of Atlantis' actually attributes the fall not only to occupational syndicalism, but to other thinly disguised equivalents of modern social developments." NEOPLATONISM is a bad cross-reference.

ATTANASIO, A.A. First published story was "Loup Garou" (1973) in Tales of Terror and the Macabre: The Haunt of Horror.

The form "aa attanasio" was merely a typographer's whim.

AULNOY, MADAME D' Tales of the Fairies (coll trans 1699 UK) should more correctly be ascribed as a cut trans of Les contes de fées. Further (and more complete) translations include that by James Robinson PLANCHÉ's (>>>> note on him below).

AVENGERS, THE For "Fighting Man" read "Fighting Men".

AWARDS 11, not 10, awards receive individual coverage in this book.


BABBITT, NATALIE For "trys" read "tries".

BACH, RICHARD The hero of Illusions is in no sense of the word an "oracle"; "failed messiah", as in the book's subtitle, is a better description. A further relevant title is Running from Safety (1994), a loose sequel to One where RB goes back in time to meet his nine-year-old self.

BAKER, SCOTT Nightchild is a standalone title, unconnected with the Ashlu Cycle. SB has had two collections published in French: Nouvelle recette pour canard au sang (coll 1983) and Frangales (coll 1985).

BARKER, CLIVE Corrected ascription: The Hellbound Heart (in Night Visions 3 anth 1986 ed George R.R. MARTIN; 1991).

BARKS, CARL Died 2000.

BARTH, JOHN For "Once Upon a Time" read "Once Upon a Time: A Floating Opera".

BASEBALL A further relevant title is Darryl Brock's If I Never Get Back (1990), a time-travel fantasy. For "The Great American Movel" read "The Great American Novel".

BATMAN Betty Kane's alter ego was Bat-Girl, not Batgirl. For "Denny O'Neill" read "Denny O'Neil". Dick Sprang died 2000.

BATMAN (tv series) For "Rudi Vallee" read "Rudy Vallee". The character played by Carolyn Jones was consistently identified as Marsha, Queen of Diamonds, not simply as Marsha. The character played by Cliff Robertson was called Shame, not Shane. The character played by Malachi Throne was named False-Face, not Falseface. For "Cat Woman" read "Catwoman".

To clarify the roles of the major cast: The Penguin was played only by Burgess Meredith. The Joker was played only by Cesar Romero. Two actors played the Riddler: Frank Gorshwin (first and third seasons), and John Astin (one episode, second season). Two actors played the Catwoman: Julie Newmar (first two seasons) and Eartha Kitt (third season); Lee Meriwether played Catwoman only in Batman (1966; >> BATMAN MOVIES).

West and Ward were also reunited as Batman and Robin in a campy spoof, The Challenge of the Super Heroes (1979 tvm), which additionally used other superheroes from the DC pantheon. There was another Batman animated series: The New Adventures of Batman and Robin (1977-8).

BATMAN MOVIES Batman: Mark of the Phantasm is a direct adaptation from the 1992-4 animated tv series.

In Batman Forever, for "Janet Scott Batchelor, Lee Batchelor" read "Janet Batchler, Lee Batchler". Two-Face's coin-flipping habit was established long before publication of The Dice Man (1971), and the relevant observation should not be taken as implying otherwise.

BAUM, L. FRANK The play The Tik-Tok Man of Oz (produced 1913) was a version of Ozma of Oz (1907); the novel Tik-Tok of Oz * (1914), based on the play, is thus closely related to the earlier novel.

When the Trot and Cap'n Bill sequence, comprising The Sea Fairies (1911) and Sky Island (1912), proved unsuccessful, LFB moved its characters to Oz for The Scarecrow of Oz, which is based on an unwritten third tale featuring Trot and her friends.

Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse was published separately in 1913, not 1914. All six of the Little Wizard stories were first published in one collection in 1914 in the USA.

American Fairy Tales, as such and under that title, was first published in the USA in 1901; a revised version, as Baum's American Fairy Tales and adding three stories, was published in 1908.

BEAGLE, PETER S. PSB adapted "Come, Lady Death" into a libretto for the OPERA The Midnight Angel by David Carlson. "Telephone Call" was published in Seventeen in 1957, not 1956. The phrase "a woman who seems a man, not by means of disguise but through a constant process of METAMORPHOSIS" should in fact read: "a woman who is in fact a man, disguised not by clothing but by ILLUSION or GLAMOUR".

BEAR, GREG Further relevant titles are Sleepside Story (1988 chap) and Bear's Fantasies: Six Stories in Old Paradigms (coll 1992).

BEATLES, THE Help! (1965) has fantasy elements as well as sf ones: a magic RING, shrinking, etc. Harrison's Handmade films also produced MONTY PYTHON'S LIFE OF BRIAN (1979).

BEAUCLERK, HELEN The last few words of the entry should read: ". . . an account of the changing role of women (>> GENDER) in early human societies."

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST The translation of the Madame LEPRINCE DE BEAUMONT version referred to in the first sentence of the entry was published not in 1783 but in 1757. Les conts marins ou la jeune Américaine should be ascribed "(coll 1740)".

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (tv series) The entry states that Catherine Chandler escapes into a strange maze of tunnels to avoid pursuing robbers. This is incorrect – she is attacked and left for dead by hoods who mistake her for a trial witness they are trying to silence. She simply comes around in the tunnels, having been found and carried there by Vincent.

BECKETT, SAMUEL For "En Attandant Godot" read "En Attendant Godot". The translation was first published in the USA, not the UK, with the subtitle Tragicomedy in 2 Acts, not A Tragicomedy.

BECKFORD, WILLIAM The ascription of Vathek is incomplete. It was written in French, but first published in English as An Arabian Tale, from an Unpublished Manuscript: With Notes Critical and Explanatory (trans Samuel Henley from French ms 1786; rev by WB vt Vathek 1816; further rev by WB 1823; vt The History of the Caliph Vathek 1868; new trans Herbert B. Grimsditch, exp with "Episodes of Vathek", as Vathek, with The Episodes of Vathek 1929 2 vols). The original French manuscript having been lost, a reconstruction appeared as Vathek (dated 1787 but 1786 Switzerland; new reconstruction ed Francois Verdeil, vt Vathek, Conte Arab 1787 France).

We have not yet determined whether or not the French edition of Vathek published in England in 1815 contains the three "Episodes of Vathek", one unfinished, which (it has also been claimed) were unpublished anywhere until the shorter two appeared 1909-10 in The English Review, or in book form until all three's release as The Episodes of Vathek (written c1783-6; coll of linked stories trans Sir Frank T. Marzials [1840-1912] 1912).

WB wrote not one additional novel but two (and possibly a third). The two novels definitely by him are Modern Writing, or The Elegant Enthusiast; and The Interesting Emotions of Arabella Bloomville: A Rhapsodical Romance (1796) as by Lady Harriet Marlow, and Azemia: A Description and Sentimental Novel (1797 2 vols) as by Agneta Mariana Jenks. The third, The Story of Al Raoui: A Tale from the Arabic (1799), anon, sounds more interesting than these two burlesques, but its authorship has yet to be confirmed. [JC]

BEETLEJUICE (1988) Spun off from the movie was an animated tv series, Beetlejuice (from 1989).

BELL, JULIE Cross-reference is to a paragraph omitted from the OLIVIA entry. See note on OLIVIA in the Addenda.

BERGMAN, INGMAR Further relevant movies are The Face (1958; ot Ansiktet; vt The Magician US) and The Virgin Spring (1959; ot Jungfrukallan).

BETANCOURT, JOHN GREGORY Born 1963, not 1960.

BEWITCHED Mention should also be made of series regular David White, who plays Larry Tate.

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986) In the synopsis, for "Lee" read "Chi" throughout.

BILLY THE KID The Beard (1965) by Michael McClure (1932- ) features an erotic dialogue between Jean Harlow and Billy the Kid, based on McClure's "Jean Harlow and Billy the Kid" (in Star coll 1970). Homoerotic and fantasticated use is made of the iconographic Billy in Billy the Kid (coll of linked poems 1959) by Jack Spicer (1925-1965), where Billy engages in various archetypal rituals. For Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire was released in 1986, not 1966, and Billy the Kid versus Dracula was released in 1965, not 1966.

BIOY CASARES, ADOLFO Died 1999. Silvina Ocampo's dates are (1903-1993).

BISLEY, SIMON Born 1962. Add Further reading: Biz: The Intense Art of Simon Bisley (graph 1997 US).

BIXBY, JEROME Died 1998.

BLACKWOOD, ALGERNON Peter Pan is more properly ascribed: Peter Pan (performed 1904; rev 1928). For "elemental" read "ELEMENTAL".

BLAKE, WILLIAM Golgonooza is the name of Los's "City of Art and Manufacture", which Kathleen Raine describes as his "City of Imagination"; the entry should not be read as implying that Golgonooza is a personalization. Thomas Harris's SERIAL-KILLER novel Red Dragon (1981), filmed as Manhunter (1986; vt Red Dragon), untilizes the titular painting as a central metaphor.

BLAMPIED, EDMUND Anna Sewell died in 1878, not 1978.

BLATTY, WILLIAM PETER To Other works add The Exorcist (coll 1973), which gathers the screenplay, drafts and notes about the movie, and Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane (1966; rev vt The Ninth Configuration 1978), filmed as The Ninth Configuration (1979; vt Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane).

BLAYLOCK, JAMES P. Lord Kelvin's Machine is more properly ascribed: Lord Kelvin's Machine (1985 IASFM; exp 1992). The citation of Paper Dragons should read: Paper Dragons (1985 in Imaginary Lands, anth ed Robin MCKINLEY; 1986 chap), not (1992 chap).


BLISS Released 1986, not 1985.

BLOCH, ROBERT "That Hell-Bound Train" was the title given to the story on first publication (F&SF September 1958) and in most reprints; the variant title "The Hell-Bound Train" appears in The Hugo Winners (anth 1962) ed Isaac ASIMOV. Among RB's screenplay credits are The Cabinet of Caligari (1962), The Night Walker (1965), The Skull (1965), based on his short story "The Skull of the Marquis de Sade", Torture Garden (1967), The Deadly Bees (1967), The House that Dripped Blood (1970), Asylum (1972; vt House of Crazies), The Cat Creature (1973 tvm), The Dead Don't Die (1974 tvm) and The Amazing Captain Nemo (1978), recut from the tv mini-series The Return of Captain Nemo.

BLUTH, DON Robert O'Brien lived 1918-1973.

BOK, HANNES Emil Petaja died 2000.

BORGES, JORGE LUIS Fervor de Buenos Aires is better translated "Passion of Buenos Aires", and ascribed: (coll 1923 chap; rev 1969).

BOXING HELENA This entry should appear after that on Stephen BOWKETT.

BOYETT, STEVEN R. Forename thus, not "Stephen".

BRADBURY, RAY For "Ray Bradbury Theatre" read "Ray Bradbury Theater"; RB wrote more than 8 episodes. RB also wrote the screenplay for SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (1983).

BRADDON, MARY Born 1835, not 1837.


The following entry was omitted from the first printing:

BRAID Term used for a SHARED-WORLD anthology or book-length tale whose individual parts, written by different hands, are edited – generally by the proprietor/editor of the shared world – so that their beginnings and ends weave or braid into one another, and the whole tells a unified story. Lynn ABBEY and Robert Lynn ASPRIN created fantasy's first full-scale braids with their Thieves' World sequence from 1979; the term also applies to several novels of the Wild Cards sequence created and edited by George R.R. MARTIN. [JC/DRL]

BREAKTHROUGH, THE (1993) Has vt The Lifeforce Experiment.

BRENNER, MAYER ALAN Entry head should be thus, rather than BRENNER, (MAYER) ALAN.

BRENNERT, ALAN Kindred Spirits is not a YA novel, nor are its protagonists teenagers.

BRITISH FANTASY AWARD For further reading see Silver Rhapsody (BFS Booklet #23, 1996 chap) edited by John Carter and Jan Edwards, a history of the BFS. The 1983 Best Short Story was "The Breathing Method", not just "Breathing Method".

BRITTAIN, C. DALE Voima does not treat of the royal wizard of Yurt.

BROOKS, WALTER R. For "Freddy and the Ignoramus" read "Freddy and the Ignormus". Kurt Wiese illustrated all the Freddy the Pig novels, 1927-1958.


BROWN, MARY Died 1999.

BRUST, STEVEN It can be argued that the Taltos novels are set not in an alternate world but in an sf-argued world whose lineaments have yet to be revealed. In Teckla, Vlad's COMPANION is not a teckla, which is a small, stupid burrowing rodent, but a jhereg.

For "The Phoenix Guard" read "The Phoenix Guards".

BUGS BUNNY The entry on Chuck JONES appears in the Addenda, not the main text.

BULMER, KENNETH A.V. Clarke died 1998.


The following entry was omitted from the first printing:

BUTTS, MARY (1892-1937) UK author of the Taverner novels: Armed with Madness (1928) and Death of Felicity Taverner (1932), collected and corrected as The Taverner Novels (omni 1994 US). These aftermath-of-WORLD WAR ONE tales have explicit ARTHUR connections and comprise a GRAIL story clearly influenced by the work of Jessie WESTON. [JC]